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My name is Rebecca DeMoss-Koeneke and I am originally from Iowa City, Ia, that is why I say I am an Iowa girl at Heart... I have lived in the KC metro area for almost 20 years. Since moving to KC, I married the most wonderful man in the world, Trey. For 3 years, he was a stay at home dad. Which was great for me. But in late 2010 he went back to work. That has been nice too, but required a lot of change on my part... I have two awesome kids. Peyton 7 and Emily 4. And 9 year old Border Collie Lab mix named Sinjin..... This blog will be for me to document several different things.... first of all my goal at a more healthy life. In March of 08 I began a new chapter of my life. I quit some bad habits and started Weight Watchers and working out. March 08 started out at 200lbs. By March 09 I had lost 30 lbs... In September of 09 I ran my first Triathlon. 2. I will also post updates about my family including pictures.... Unfortunately in 2010 I gained a lot of weight back, so 2011 will be another year of getting that weight off. My goal is to loose 30 lbs. Also in 2011 I am going to participate in more tris, dus and half marathons...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring cold brought me down

Have taken it easy on the running the last two weeks for my hip, now this week I was forced to take it easy because I had my regular spring cold. It knocked me out big time... I actually slept for 16 hours on Wednesday, March 31.... But Thursday and Friday I was able to get in a run each day and it felt pretty good. Going to go ahead and take the rest of the weekend really easy and I will start Monday up again with my regular schedule... running on M-W-F and bike ride on T-TH... To even step it up a bit, I think I will make my runs and rides for 60 minutes and at lunch I will do p90......

I just hope this stuff in my chest loosens up soon....my duathlon is in 42 days....... Next weekend I am going to actually do the at least the first two legs of it, and if I am up for it, I will do the entire thing. Wish me luck.