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My name is Rebecca DeMoss-Koeneke and I am originally from Iowa City, Ia, that is why I say I am an Iowa girl at Heart... I have lived in the KC metro area for almost 20 years. Since moving to KC, I married the most wonderful man in the world, Trey. For 3 years, he was a stay at home dad. Which was great for me. But in late 2010 he went back to work. That has been nice too, but required a lot of change on my part... I have two awesome kids. Peyton 7 and Emily 4. And 9 year old Border Collie Lab mix named Sinjin..... This blog will be for me to document several different things.... first of all my goal at a more healthy life. In March of 08 I began a new chapter of my life. I quit some bad habits and started Weight Watchers and working out. March 08 started out at 200lbs. By March 09 I had lost 30 lbs... In September of 09 I ran my first Triathlon. 2. I will also post updates about my family including pictures.... Unfortunately in 2010 I gained a lot of weight back, so 2011 will be another year of getting that weight off. My goal is to loose 30 lbs. Also in 2011 I am going to participate in more tris, dus and half marathons...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well - My running routine is not working off the weight like I would like - so of course the next step is to adjust my nutrition.... I know all to well that I eat too much crap.... So starting Monday, January 3rd I am going to start the CAVEMAN diet....

I have done A LOT of research on this and am hoping that this is something I can do.. I am a picky eater but meat is one thing I love and I am willing to make my self eat more fruits and veggies....

Here is the skinny if you are interested....

The Caveman Power Diet

The Caveman Power Diet increases energy, the ability to burn fat, and gets you in touch with your natural instincts. It's not just a way to lose weight, it's a healthy approach to making your body indestructible.

Doing the the Caveman Power Diet is a very natural state for your body to be in, and you will feel the results immediately. Embrace it for what it is; animal motivation. It is a very open do-it-yourself diet, that encourages you to feel content in a way that suits you personally.

The Caveman Power Diet gives you the freedom to enjoy food to the fullest, which is the most basic of animal instincts. So go ahead and feast yourself!

The Goals of the diet

We train you to crave good healthy foods, and to eat at regular intervals.
The diet works through several stages to get you to this point. At first you will find it slightly unusual, but by the end you will know how to eat healthy, and you will be more healthier, which will become evident when you look at yourself in the mirror.

The diet will reduce excess body fat, aid in the normalisation of blood sugar levels, and reduce toxins and anti-nutrients.

What the diet can do for you

Lose weight
You will lose weight, particularly fat, and your body will instinctively get itself to it's optimum weight. And as a result you will feel more fit, healthy, and energetic.
Increase your energy levels
The mild state of fight or flight you will experience activates your animal instincts for hunting and gathering, which makes you energetic. As you progress through the diet you will notice this energy boost actually increasing.
Detox your system
Stuffing food into our bodies, no matter what type it is, inevitably leads to toxin build up. This diet removes toxins naturally, you will increasingly feel clean, your skin will become clearer and your insides will feel cleaner.
Sharpen your mind, and your senses
The Caveman Power Diet gets you tuned into your animal instincts, and as a result your senses will become sharper; like an animal in the wild who needs all his senses to survive.
Deepens your connection with your being (some call it spirit)
When you are in tune with your animal instincts, you are in tune with your body's wants and needs. Throughout this diet you will notice yourself having more clarity of mind, and a deeper sense of knowing thyself.

What the diet does not do

This diet does not promote the regimented eating style found in most modern diets. Those diets nearly always fail because they require an absurd amount of willpower, which is very unnatural.

Typical diets are unsustainable because they go against the grain of our natural instincts. Controlling your food intake with minute precision simply isn't in our genes, and doing things that way is a recipe for misery, if you do manage to succeed it's very hard work... forever.

Try putting a domestic cat or dog on a strict diet, and you will soon see how unnatural it is. Our primate bodies are no different in that sense. The Caveman Power Diet encourages you to thoroughly enjoy feasting at natural times, rather than punishing yourself with portion control and time deadlines.

There are three steps to this diet....

Step 1 for 2-4 weeks - graze all day long on the approved foods, then have a meal of your choice for dinner.... Pizza - hamburgers - Chinese - whatever you want....The most important part of this I always forget to say - the VERY FIRST THING you must do ever day is down a big glass of water.... And of course drink water all day long... (you can still have diet pop) it doesn't tell you have to stop drinking it.. but of course it tells you it is better if you give it up....

Step 2 for 4-8 weeks you start your morning with a big glass of water - drink water all day long, but nothing else... then for dinner - you eat a big meal of only approved foods....

then step 3 which you will hopefully for the rest of your life is to eat only approved foods. You can go back to steps 1 and 2 whenever you want.....

There are two huge challenges for me on this plan... No potatoes or bread and no processed food... After being on weight watchers it is going to be hard for me to give up the convenience of a meal in a box.... But I really want to get in to the best shape I can.... I know that with all the exercise I do, I am in better shape than I have been in a long time.... BUT I know I could see such better times in my running and events if I lost 30 lbs.... Hoping that this works for me, my goals is to drop to 150 lbs... (not going to even tell you where I am starting - but I think you should have an idea....

For more information - check out the following URL: http://www.cavemanpower.com/food/caveman_power_diet.html

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